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Job description
As a high-traffic, travel website targeted at the Dutch market, we're looking for a Full-stack JavaScript Developer with a focus on server-side Node.js, as well as experience in- and willingness to coach other developers. Our in-house development team recently finished building a new application platform from scratch, using React, Redux and Node.js as primary tools for improving the product experience for our multi-million audience.

You will be part of a solid and efficient development team to drive product and platform innovation. We have a strong need for technical cleverness to create a roadmap that ensures improvements for consumers, but also moving towards an architecture based on Elasticsearch, Node.js and React/Redux. We are open for new technologies, encourage collaborative decisions and are pushing for multi-disciplinary scrum teams caring about the products we ship.

Your background and skills:
• Continuously learning mindset;
• You have at least 5 years of experience with JavaScript, HTML/CSS cross-browser development and are proficient with Node.js and its current ecosystem;
• You have gained your development experience in a web environment and you are aware of the impact of your work on a large consumer audience;
• You have experience optimizing backend performance and determining loading bottlenecks;
• Experience with multiple of: ES6/Next, Babel, Gulp, Webpack, SVG, CSS modules, SASS/LESS, BEM, Flexbox, Responsive Design, Progressive Web Apps, Fonts optimization, WebPagetest, Flux, Redux, Karma, Mocha, Supertest, Sinon, Istanbul... ;
• You are a strong communicator with experince in coaching other developers;
• Very good conversational skills in English;
• Experience in the online travel industry is a big plus;

Your tasks/responsibilities:
• Implement new features and components in our Node.js based backend;
• Consistently care for very good test coverage and automation;
• Co-Own our backend architecture and keep a minimal set of documentation up to date;
• Drive continuous evolution of our backend architecture together with your team;
• Help design RESTful APIs that provide outstanding Developer Experience;
• Coach/mentor junior to senior developers;

We have a beautiful office in the center of Amsterdam, as well as good work-life balance, flexibility, coffee, drinks, daily lunch, table tennis, a competitive football team, social events, and we are looking forward to welcoming you soon!

Please, send your updated CV to Diyana on

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