Culture and values

Our cultures & values

The culture within our company can be described as informal, entrepreneurial and transparent. Having many different nationalities, cultures and languages amongst our colleagues creates an open atmosphere in which we can learn a lot from and about each other.

We work with the values described below in mind, and treat each other accordingly. Also, we look for these values, and the competences which go with them, in every new colleague we hire.


Together we get things done!

We think in opportunities, not limitations. Every apparent obstacle, we see as a challenge. We take responsibilities for our own work and behavior and always make our results as measurable as possible. We reflect on our actions, collect feedback and try out new things.

Making a mistake is human, learning from it is crucial. We always look at personal and business improvements, to discover potential and further develop yourself. Together we get things done!

Big ideas are the best

We are driven by the goal to truly achieve something outstanding together, by encouraging bold decisions and giving full responsibility and recognition for actions.

Big ideas are the best ideas, and we are not afraid to share and explore them. All great ideas come from exploring a place beyond the current situation and loving every minute of it.

Energize each other

We give each other that spark, and let it ignite! What we do can at times be challenging and you need passion and positivity to be successful and to excite others with your energy.

We help each other to keep this passion and positivity, and we listen to each other and let each other grow. We are proud of success and we celebrate it.

Understanding the customer

Our customer is always at the center of everything we do and is the core of our daily business and decisions. We understand the customers’ needs and act in their interest.

Our platforms make sure that the customers’ experience runs as smoothly as possible. We are solving relevant problems in our costumers’ daily lives and earn our own living in the process.

Eagerness to learn

We are interested in learning from colleagues and discovering new terrain together. We are eager to learn and to grow and are not afraid to try out new things without bias.

We question, understand and improve processes and our product. We organize Innovation Days and Freaky Fridays to promote everyone to stay curious and work together to be successful.