Culture and values

Our cultures & values

The culture within our company can be described as informal, entrepreneurial and transparent. Having many different nationalities, cultures and languages amongst our colleagues creates an open atmosphere in which we can learn a lot from and about each other.

We work with the values described below in mind, and treat each other accordingly. Also, we look for these values, and the competences which go with them, in every new colleague we hire.


We challenge and help each other to always get the best results

We truly believe that everyone can grow and improve him/herself, by taking ownership and with proper reflection on yourself, your behavior and your team. Also, it is important to always be open to feedback. We challenge and help each other grow and improve. As a company, we welcome feedback and use it to foster the growth of individuals, teams and the organization.

Big ideas are the best ideas

We are driven by the goal to truly achieve outstanding results together: for our users, for our company, for our colleagues, for ourselves. We have a curious mindset, we are not afraid to share ideas and explore them further, although we will not forget our data- and result focus.
All great ideas come from exploring a place beyond the current situation and loving every minute of it.

Together we get things done!

What we do is challenging. We need passion, dedication and trust to be successful and to inspire others. In our company, we take time to engage, support and inspire each other. We have regular team meetings, where we share successes, learnings and personal stories, in order to build trust. We look for each other’s strengths and to see how we can leverage that, to get the best out of the teams.
There are many initiatives to get involved and to get to know each other, and we get together regularly for some fun.

Strive for a real impact for our users

Our user is always at the center of everything we do and is the core of our daily business and decisions. We understand our users’ needs and act in their interest, not in our own. We relentlessly develop our platforms to improve our users’ experience. We are contributing to solving relevant problems in their daily lives. Based on making the difference for our users with our product, we will build successful products and business models on top of these.