Application process

Application and review

It all begins with your application through our application form.

Make sure to add as much information as possible (CV, portfolio, website et cetera) so that we have a full overview of your profile and skills. After receiving your application, we will get back to you as quickly as possible with our feedback.

Phone Interview

One of our recruiters will call you for a phone interview of about 30 minutes.

In this interview, we will briefly give you more information about our company and the role that you applied for. Also, we have some first questions for you regarding your experience and motivation and several practicalities (such as notice period etc.)

First face-to-face interview

We invite you for an interview at our office in Amsterdam to meet each other face to face. If you live abroad, this interview will be through Skype.

This interview is carried out by someone from HR and a member of the team you applied for. This is really an in-depth continuation of the phone interview, in which we can answer all your questions about the role and challenges. We will also dig deeper into your skills and competencies, and your compatibility with our company values.

(Tech) case and (tech) interview

Depending on whether you are in procedure for a tech or non-tech role, we ask you to respectively make a technical case or prepare a (business) case.

Because we want to get a good insight into your experience and also the way you think, we like to mix some practical topics into the procedure. When you applied for a role in our development department, you complete the coding case, and then review it in the technical interview with our tech lead or Head of Development. For all other roles, we ask you to prepare an assignment and then present it back to us in an interview. We aim to always have these interviews be face-to-face.

Final interview / Assessment

This last step is an optional one: in case there are still some extra questions from one or both sides, we plan an extra interview. For roles within our management team, we require an online assessment (testing personality, competencies and intelligence).

This last step is used to make sure that everyone (you and us) has enough information to make a good decision in the end. We will always communicate upfront about what the final stage of the process will look like.

Our offer and PARTY TIME

After you have successfully gone through the interview process, we will make you an offer to come work with us!

This offer includes all primary and secondary conditions to make sure you are fully informed. All we need now is to sign the contract and then… Congratulations, it’s PARTY TIME!