About Weeronline

A leader in the weather forecasting industry

We make sure that everyone brings their umbrella when they need to!


Meteovista is the company behind Weeronline and 14 other weather platforms all over Europe. In addition to that, we’re the largest supplier of weather data to the media, from newspapers to online platforms.

Weeronline is the most well-known consumer website for weather forecasting in the Netherlands. Every month the website and apps are visited around 20-30 million times. The platform does not only deliver weather forecasts for the Netherlands, but also for every other location around the globe! This means that we can serve the consumer just as much when they are biking to work in the Netherlands or hiking in the high Andes or going to the beach at their holiday destination.

From our own weather room in the Amsterdam office, the current weather situation all over the world is closely monitored and forecasted. We have a team of meteorologists who work around the clock to not only make accurate models, but also write the forecasts and content for the website and apps, and regular press releases to keep consumers up-to-date.